Dianne (2021)

Shan is a qualified and very experienced Shiatsu practitioner. Shan is the ultimate professional, very caring, understanding and great at communicating. From the moment I met Shan I felt completely at ease and knew I was in excellent hands as he exudes authenticity. The calm atmosphere and ambience were wonderful and very relaxing which added to the shiatsu treatment and experience. I would highly recommend Shan for shiatsu and your health and wellbeing.

Alicia (2021)

Loved my shiatsu with Shan today – thank you so much for such a nurturing experience. Feeling amazing.

Leah (2021)

A great reason to visit Daylesford. Shan is professional, attentive and amazingly intuitive. He kindly fit me in for a “tune up”, and I was beyond impressed. I often have trouble staying focused during a massage, but with Shan I was able to remain present. I left with a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Greenhill (2020)

Having been introduced to Shan Lin Shiatsu by my wife (who has had many treatments), I now visit fortnightly for a 1.5 hour treatment. My general health and energy levels have improved immensely since commencing a few months ago. Shan is an incredibly gifted and professional Shiatsu practitioner and I highly recommended you visit.

Victoria (2020)

I am very fortunate to be able to visit Shan Lin Shiatsu Massage weekly for a 1.5 hour treatment. Shan is a brilliant 3rd generation Shiatsu practitioner who is also incredibly professional, thorough, meticulous and kind. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been referred to Shan and I in turn have also referred several people who also agree, he is amazing! Make a booking with Shan today, your body will thank you!

Jane (2020)

Shan is a professional and highly skilled practitioner. I find seeing him to support my body at the change of seasons or whenever it needs a tune-up to be very beneficial. His manner and technique are so relaxing I always fall fast asleep! We are so lucky to have him here in Daylesford, Highly recommended.

Shawn (2019)

I seen Shan a couple of times during a short break in Daylesford. I had some lower back pain that he very skillfully treated and resolved. He also gave me some practical advice that I could utilize to improve my overall health and well being. I would highly recommend a visit to Shan!

Sheree (2019)

Shan is amazing. At first I was skeptical as shiatsu doesn’t feel like the massages I have had before- you lay on a futon on the floor fully clothed but the results are great and seem to last much longer then any massage I’ve had. Shan is very professional and tailors the massage to you ensuring the pressure is just right and focuses on areas of need. I suffered from neck and shoulder pain as well as lower back pain which has become a thing of the past since seeing Shan.

Michael (2018)

I have had a lot of Shiatsu massages over the years and Shan is in the elite class. Excellent treatment and it’s easy to see he is a great person as well.

Karuna (2018)

This was my first Shiatsu experience. Shan Lin is very knowledgeable about this art. He asks you if you have any complaints and then customizes the massage for you, explaining as we go along. After the massage I felt extremely relaxed and my pain subsided substantially. I would recommend getting this massage as a must do for anyone coming to Daylesford. Thank you Shan Lin.

Carly (2018)

Oh. My. God! I’ve never felt better after any experience. His hands are like magic and I was sooooooooo relaxed afterwards I had to chill in my car for a little bit before I could drive.
Slept like a baby that night and 10/10 would visit again!

Glen (2018)

It is comforting, and of great benefit, to discover such a qualified and caring practitioner as Shan. His innate skill in recognising and attending to my well worn body’s kinks and bends certainly bear testament to three generations of knowledge and skill…. and the warmth and tranquility of his rooms will keep me coming back for more.

Melissa  (2018)

I went to Daylesford to reawaken my mind, body and spirit. The session was definitely not your average typical massage. From just one session, I felt more clarity and buzzing energy through my body that I can’t explain. Shan Lin is 100% a master at his craft. I highly recommend Shiatsu Massage!

Maya (2018)

Regular Shiatsu treatments by Shan Lin have been a huge help in dealing with a stressful and exhausting  period of my life and I’m sure have helped me avoid physical illness. Having had shiatsu training myself I know when a treatment is the real deal and Shan’s always are. He is thorough and intuitive in his approach and has a very calm presence, he also really listens to any input I as client make. Shiatsu is a whole other modality to remedial and muscle based massages – it has a great capacity to heal and rebalance as well as relax. Even arriving at his haven of a garden with its traditional Chinese elements connects you to the heritage of his learning which comes through several generations of practitioners. I highly recommend treatments with Shan!

Helen (2018)

After my treatment with Shan I felt like I could breathe again. He is the real deal, the treatment, his energy & healing hands. The beautiful garden is just added bonus! Thank you Shan so grateful to you.

Ann  (2018)

I found Shan to be extremely professional in his shiatsu treatment. Walking through the Japanese Garden is a real treat. On entering the studio, you receive an ambiance of peace, I found the treatment a most pleasant, calming and harmonious experience, tailored to my needs. On completion of the treatment, I was left feeling balanced and revitalised. I would most highly recommend anyone to have a shiatsu experience with Shan.

Phoebe (2018)

Great healing massage.

Robin (2018)

Shan is a thorough and skilled therapist. You instantly feel very comfortable with his personality and confident with his treatment. I walked away painfree and blessed. I couldn’t recommend seeing Shan highly enough. Thank you.

Richard (2018)

Shan is a quiet and experienced practitioner in Shiatsu. Even not knowing what Shiatsu actually involved you as I did will find him informative and explaining every move he makes . He quickly locates any health or internal issues you have and will adjust his session to hone in on that area. It may take a few session but it works. I have always found him available and generous with his time. I always find attending his studio totally relaxing.

Geoffrey ( 2018)

Great place for a shiatsu massage, quiet, comfortable and stylish.

Bruno (2018)

Shan’s massage made a huge difference to me. Such a calming respectful and accommodating young man. Personally I felt I benefited from his treatment toward my aches, pains and tensions equally or perhaps even more than when I have attended physio sessions. Shan explained each movement and how and why the pressure he applied to different parts of my body would ease and be healing to my problem areas All worked so well I am indebted to Shan and would now not miss my visits to him every fortnight or so. Just what I needed.

Maureen (2018)

Relocating after 50 years in Melbourne to Daylesford created many stresses, anxiety and tensions. A neighbour highly recommended Shan Lin Shiatsu Massage. It proved to be the best experience since our arrival. Shan was so very pleasant, welcoming with the most calming aura that I instantly felt relaxed. The massage was so very beneficial to my whole being physically and mentally. I cannot recommend Shan’s services highly enough. From now on when life’s getting to me I am getting to Shan’s calming environment.

Linda (2017)

Shan Lin is offering mindful, professional, deeply rooted knowledge and highly skilled Shiatsu practice. His humble presence and gentle music in the background creates a space of healing that is fully focused on your needs. This is a gift to the body and the mind and it will benefit your whole being. I recommend you to regularly visit Shan or invite Shan to your place to balance your body when you are dealing with any form of stress, disease or disconnect. Give Shan Lin’s Shiatsu treatment to yourself. You are worth it 🙂 Note: I have had many different treatments in my life because of deep endometriosis and all its side effects. Shan Lin’s practice is the one that I keep returning to for many years now. He offers the deepest and most restorative massage practice that I know of. His deep knowledge also comes from a family line of Chinese Medicine practice.

Sammi (2017)

A wonderful massage, feeling very relaxed, and strongly recommend.

Pauline (2017)

My massage experience today was professional and peaceful. Shan knew exactly where my tension spots were and I now feel very relaxed and I will definitely return. Thank you Shan.

Joanne (2017)

Shan Lin’s Shiatsu massage and treatment is authentic, healing and incredibly effective. A beautiful calm approach and environment. Shan Lin’s knowledge is extensive and his treatments feel generous. Can not highly recommend enough.

Christine (2017)

I thoroughly recommend Shan Lin as an excellent Shiatsu Massage Practitioner. I am a retired Shiatsu therapist and worked in the healing arts including Shiatsu for approx 18 years and have had several beneficial treatments from Shan over recent years. He’s qualified, registered, empathetic and thorough. His practice is in a beautiful Zen style setting, surrounded by lovely tranquil gardens in Daylesford.

Stefano (2017)

Shan comes every 2 weeks to our home, its very convenient!! Also, his soothing personality and great empathy, combined with his skills, makes it an experience to look forward to.

Roderick (2017)

Shan Lin’s shiatsu massage treatment must be one of Daylesford’s most precious treasures. I have had a lot of massage therapy in the past from different practitioners but this treatment goes far beyond just working on your muscles. He seems to be able to make you feel refreshed and relaxed in a much deeper way. There is never any feeling of the treatment being something that you have to endure like you get with some massage, but at the same time it is marvelously effective. He has found a fantastic balance where there is a great deal of “gain” from his treatment but no pain. He is very gentle and respectful, and even just his wonderfully calm and deeply centred presence makes you feel that this treatment is something special. Every treatment that I have had from him (more than 15) has been of the same excellent quality. Very highly recommended indeed.

Simon (2017)

Very professional and a serene experience. I felt at ease and found a new level of serenity after my massage.

Cartell Music (2017)

Shan has become an integral part of our health and wellness. We highly recommend him. JF & YB

Susan (2016)

I am a regular client of Shan’s Shiatsu Massage and all my experiences have been phenomenally good! I was suffering from chronic migraines and since I have been coming to Shan for Shiatsu I have barely experienced anymore headaches. I now come to visit him just for relaxation Shiatsu and am also very impressed with the tranquil atmosphere of his studio and of its picturesque Japanese garden surroundings.

Veronica (2016)

Relaxing and healing experience in a tranquil setting. After Shan’s treatment, my upper back soreness and tension have relief. Highly recommended and definitely will return.

Grant (2016)

Shan travels to Melbourne every second Tuesday and provides a wonderful, relaxing shiatsu (acupressure) massage for my wife and I. The biggest benefit has been the health improvements and stress reduction I am experiencing. Shan is an absolute professional and I thoroughly recommend him.

Jen (2016)

Shan is an fantastic Shiatsu practitioner! I had a bunch of issues with my shoulders but found after a couple of sessions it was all but fixed. I cant recommend Shan highly enough!

Kym (2016)

Thank you Shan for a wonderful Shiatsu experience! Due to the type of repetitive work I do, my muscles frequently become tight and sore. After my Shiatsu treatment my body felt completely at ease and free from any tension. I strongly recommend anyone traveling to the Daylesford area to try Shan Lin Shiatsu Massage. I know I will definitely be booking another appointment next time I visit.

Premshakti (2016)

I have been a regular client of Shan Lin for past four years. I find Shan is very intuitive and an excellent Shiatsu massage therapist. It is a very peaceful environment and conducive to relaxation and healing. I am a healthy active person and I recommend regular Shiatsu treatments to maintain the balance in my life.

Fiona & Geoff (2016)

We were lucky enough to “discover” Shan on our last visit to Daylesford and were amazed at how good we felt after a massage. It was our first Shiatsu experience and now we are converts! Fast forward a couple of months and we are back in Daylesford. We have just left Shan’s and are feeling great!

Merilyn  (2016)

I found Shan to be extremely professional in his shiatsu treatment. Walking through the Japanese Garden is a real treat. On entering the studio, you receive an ambience of peace, I found the treatment a most pleasant, calming and harmonious experience, tailored to my needs. On completion of the treatment, I was left feeling balanced and revitalised. I would most highly recommend anyone to have a shiatsu experience with Shan.

Sharon (2016)

Shiatsu, cupping & acupressure seems to combine all of the many therapies I have had over many years – thank you Shan for the wonderful experience… and I know it will be something I have in my life for many years to come. I know that I feel very relaxed & always have a good nights sleep after a treatment which I have every fortnight.

Sylvia (2016)

Both myself and my son have been receiving Shiatsu treatments from Shan for approx three years now. Shan conducts his practice  professionally and efficiently, his service is run with the heart of a humanitarian. He genuinely cares about you and your health and well-being. He is extremely well skilled as a Shiatsu practitioner and highly intuitive too. My son and I have always arrived at his sanctuary-like studio eagerly anticipating our treatments and have always left feeling refreshed recharged and realigned. I can not recommend Shan highly enough.

Colin (2016)

Shan gave me my first ever Shiatsu treatment, I was dubious at first but his detailed explanations as we went through the first session put me at ease. Although I knew about a couple of physical health issues , Shan did not but He recognised and analysed them then used his skill to hone in on those issues, not to mention the pure relaxation that is invoked with Shan’s expertise. The issues were resolved and I have not had any recurrence, Having spoken to others who used other people I feel Shan is a first rate practitioner and without hesitation recommend him.

Suzy  (2016)

I have known Shan for the last 2 years. I have had treatments fortnightly, which has helped me tremendously . I recommend that once you have a treatment from him , you will never regret it. He is a professional , gentle & listens to your needs.

Rachael  (2016)

I had the most relaxing massage I’ve ever experienced at Shan’s studio in Daylesford. Since then I’ve become a regular client. I recommend his services highly, particularly to stressed out people who have found other forms of massage too intense.

Shubhatma (2016)

Shan is one of Daylesford’s best-kept secrets though such secrets cannot be kept to oneself for long. A third generation shiatsu practitioner Shan is a gem: He is warm and welcoming, highly professional and has a gift of sensitivity, wisdom and knowledge.

Walking through the Zen style garden to the inner sanctuary of the treatment room is a treat in itself. The treatment space has been carefully created to invite relaxation through the use of natural light, spiritual aspects such as a beautiful statue of Lord Buddha, flowers and candles.

The futon is heaven, the time flies, and life is back in balance once again.Thank you Shan. Whilst I am soon to move interstate, I will be booking in for treatments each time I return to the ashram. With love and gratitude.

Julia (2016)

I have received 3 shiatsu treatments from Shan over the last 3 weeks. These have been very positive experiences – beginning with walking up the drive through the elegantly designed Japanese themed gardens to the veranda which is lined with exquisite bonsai. Shan is a gentle and professional shiatsu practitioner who listens carefully to my concerns and then provides effective treatments which have really helped me with physical and emotional balancing. Great care has been taken to create a peaceful harmonious environment for healing to occur. Highly recommended.

Elizabeth (2016)

Shan Lin is a talented and knowledgeable healer, who understands the Qi pathways of the body; and is able to activate these to wards health. I had a serious health episode last year, transferred by Royal Flying Doctor Service plane from Alice Springs to Adelaide Hospital and through constant Shiatsu treatments I have regained my health.

Mari (2015)

I’ve been fortunate to experience Shan’s massages over the past two years.  His massage is a real gift, deeply restorative, enabling the body’s energy to come back to its natural alignment. His work and professional care have helped me remain healthy and balanced. I always look forward to an appointment with Shan. I highly recommend his shiatsu massage.

Veronica (2015)

I highly recommend Shan and would encourage anyone looking for a peaceful and professional massage to book a 90 minute treatment.  This was my first time experiencing Shiatsu and Shan did a great job at focusing on the tightness in my lower back and hips.  You won’t regret it!!

Katie (2015)

As you relax back and listen to the gentle music playing softly in the background, whilst you have your comforting Shiatsu Massage, your cares slowly start to fade away into the distance as you enter into a state of calmness/relaxation & begin to feel a sense of wholeness.
It is such a beautiful but delicate therapy that helps you to realign, reconnect and bring you back to a blissful state of happiness & well being. With such a lovely, respectful and professional practitioner such as Shan, I highly recommend this therapy to anyone who is willing to try and bring back peace and balance into their life again. Love & Blessings – Katie x

Premashakti (2014)

As a practitioner myself, I’m always on the look out for others.  I periodically see Shan for a shiatsu treatment and I’m always better for doing so.  I love his work.  Thank you Shan.

Chris (2014)

Received an amazing treatment today from this authentic & knowledgeable practitioner. A fantastic option for those looking for something more holistic than any one of the plethora of spa treatments in the area.

Madeleine (2013)

I had never had shiatsu before I met Shan and after my first treatment I could feel energy flowing through my body for the next 24 hours, it was like he unlocked something. Since then I have been seeing Shan regularly and I could not have made a better investment in my health. My two young children also receive regular treatments and look forward to seeing him every week. Shan is compassionate, humble and kind and extremely intuitive, understanding exactly what my body needs each time. I am very grateful for Shan’s passion and commitment to healing through shiatsu and for his knowledge about food and health, I have learnt so much from him and my health has improved as a result. Thank you Shan for your wisdom and your generous healing spirit. Shan is a gifted healing practitioner and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Kathy (2013)

I am happy to say Shan Lin is very professional and accurately diagnosed my energy blockages, which he treated with his meridian/acupressure massages, and each time I visit my body feels much lighter, less stiff and less painful.